Why fit test? 

RPE fit testing is a way of ensuring a tight fitting facepiece provides an adequate seal to the wearers face. It is instrumental in identifying which facepiece is suitable, but perhaps more importantly which facepieces are not suitable for the wearer. It is a legal requirement for all tight fitting respirators to be fit tested. 

Who is competent? 

HSG 53 states: “Competence can be demonstrated through achieving accreditation under the Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers’ Accreditation Scheme. This scheme, has been developed by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) together with industry stakeholders and is supported by the HSE.” 
Fit2Fit recently released figures which suggest there is a real lack of competency amongst non-accredited face fit testers. These figures stated that the scheme currently sees a failure rate of 24% and 36% on Quantitative and Qualitative methods respectively. In the main this has been put down to a lack of experience. It follows that a similar percentage of fit testers are offering this service whilst not being “competent” to do so. 
At Independent Environmental our RPE Fit testers have proven their competence through the Fit2Fit accreditation scheme. 
Are you an employer looking for competent face fit testing for your employees? 
Are you an individual hoping to gain valuable skills and knowledge on your way to achieving Fit2Fit accreditation? 
Please browse our website or contact us for information on how we can help. 
By Scott 
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