IATP Asbestos - The Duty to Manage  E-Learning Course 

IATP accredited Asbestos - The Duty to Manage E-Learning Course 

From £70 plus VAT* Special offer for 1 month includes free IATP asbestos awareness 
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Our IATP Asbestos -The Duty to Manage course is aimed at those who have a duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2016, or those who take on some aspects of the role of protecting people who work or use such buildings, in particular the Appointed Person. 
The course benefits are as follows:- 
Allows you to learn at your own pace 
Allows learning in an environment you feel comfortable in  
Requires interaction to really develop knowledge and help avoid simple passive viewing 
You can download your certificate upon passing the final examination 
Knowledge tests and multi-choice exam ensure comprehension of the information 
IATP accredited certificate 
The course cover the following information:- 
Relevant legislation and guidance 
Identifying the Dutyholder and outlining their responsibilities 
Outlines the differences in asbestos surveys, when they are required and how to understand them 
Outlines the use of material and priority assessments 
Discusses the necessary steps to manage identified asbestos containing materials 
Details how to develop and asbestos management plan 
Describes what is non-licensed, notifiable non-licensed and licensed work 
A downloadable workbook is included 
As well as much more 
The course has been developed to the same standard as our Awareness E-Learning course. The course is designed to engage the learner with active participation involving white board animations, drag and drop puzzles and quizzes. The information in the course is thoroughly covered and simply developed and has attained IATP accreditation. 
The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete but can be done in separate sitting with an automatic bookmark system allowing you to re-commence where you left off. There is a multiple choice examination of 15 questions at the end and you will have to answer at least 12 correctly in order to obtain your certificate. 
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